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About Me 

       The R&B Rockstar. Beauty Marsh has been a musician ever since she was a child. Whether it was singing or playing an instrument she did it and still does to this day. Beauty has always showcased her love for music and her talent any chance that she got. She performed in talents shows, concerts, events, everything. As Beauty got older and started to discover her sound she realized that she wanted to combined two genres that she loves dearly, Rock and R&B. Beauty Marsh is going to take over the world with her sound and change the way people see rock and r&b. Beauty released her first single in 2020 that has been played on the radio multiple times, played in content creators videos and so much more! Beauty released her music video for nostalgia in 2021 on her 21st birthday as a gift to not only herself but her supporters. Beauty’s EP called “Beauty’s Body” will be released  this year. The songs will be based on different emotions within herself and her EP name came from it being her first body of work. She’s excited for her supporters to hear her rock side! The EP is filled with r&b and rock and things that her supporters wouldn’t expect from her. Beauty Marsh is here to stay and to pave the way for other musicians like her that are breaking down doors and expectations of black musicians.

Beauty Marsh doing what she loves


Beauty Marsh performing in China back in 2019.


Beauty Marsh on WUSA9 

Beauty Marsh in her music video for her single "Nostalgia"

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